Baixar Whatsapp Para Lg T 375

Learn About New Look of WhatsApp Android – WhatsApp PLUS

Till we now have learnt many concerning the features concerning the WhatsApp Android along with its wide area acceptance. However, we all know that nowadays, anything new once reveled then after developer team began continuous RND for your and same happen just in case of WhatsApp Messenger. When WhatsApp introduced it had been the launch with no large announcement and it is huge features make it

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Latest Update WhatsApp Present at the iPhone 5

WhatsApp has been widely used by a number of platforms such as Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone and iOS. WhatsApp apprise that it’s quite fun for the users of the Apple iPhone 5. Mobile instant messaging has proved its existence in many platform, released an announcement about available updates are intended for iPhone users to download it on his device. Ease back, update presen…

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WhatsApp Presents Voice Call Feature?

WhatsApp application certainly already be familiar to your ears. This free application brief message seems to be trying to compete with the popularity of the BlackBerry Messenger application. BlackBerry Messenger BBM-voice that presents, WhatsApp seems motivated to deliver the same features. According to some sources say that WhatsApp is being berkeja with developers from Hong Kong to make the…

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iMessage, Whatsapp & Co: The Future of SMS is Increasingly Short

…y way to communicate between two mobile phones without speaking, was away message, or via SMS. But things have changed dramatically with the advent of smartphones, and the wheel of Fortune is starting to turn inexorably against the old SMS, shutting it down more and more until it will be supplanted. The creation of messaging applications on your iPhone as iMessage, or chat like Whatsapp, have r…

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Overview of the BlackBerry Q10

…uld be noted, BlackBerry 10 promising features a powerful multitasking. Suitable for users who like to run multiple applications at once. Some popular applications from a total of 70 thousand already available at BlackBerry World. Call it Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Linkedin, Skype, Kindle, Dropbox, Fruit Ninja, Whatsapp, Angry Birds, and much more. Unfortunately, until now there are no leaks…

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BlackBerry Messenger Not Support Android Tablets and iPad

…n you look at the tablet, computer, or other display, models and user behavior will change. For us, this time just focus to bring BlackBerry Messenger to the smartphone,” said Vivek Bhardwaj, Head of BlackBerry Software Portfolio. BlackBerry Messenger app itself will be launched to iOS and Android in the summer of 2013, and ready to compete with similar messenger applications like WhatsApp

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